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Pool cleaner reviews are formulated on the principle of providing the most accurate information on top-rated above and below ground automatic pool cleaners.

Best Pool Cleaner

Pool cleaner reviews purpose is to inform and educate readers with valuable, precise and detailed knowledge on top-rated, pre-selected automatic pool cleaners for the home or place of business.

Dedicated to the general consuming public, our pool cleaner reviews present an unbiased presentation of pre-selected, top-rated pool cleaning models with analytical, in-depth review of specifications and features, known to be accurate and factual.

It is not the intent of pool cleaner reviews to persuade or imply product superiority of any pool cleaning unit, leaving final decisions and selections the sole responsibility of the individual consumer.

Pool cleaners are now widely used for purifying the pool water by picking all the debris and unwanted particles that requires bare minimum manual efforts. Based on the size of the pools, there are manual as well as battery powered pool cleaners with additional extensions to enhance its reach in case of bigger pools. Battery powered cleaners are also called as “Automatic Pool Cleaner” as they require very few instructions and work on pressure and suction technology. The best pool cleaners are the robotic ones that filter and remove all the particles in the pool without being drained.

Top 10 the best Automatic Pool Cleaners 2018

With many available models to select from, We recommend the following top-rated pool cleaners based on an unlimited amount of present consumer supportive recommendations including affordability, durability and functionality.

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Beyond superior pool cleaning performance based on size and configuration of pool, these models continue to remain highly rated by us.

With proven unparalleled pool cleaning capabilities based on numerous factors which are germane to a variety of pool sizes, depths and configurations, these pool cleaning reviews top-rated units save time and needless expenditure of wasted funds on inappropriately sized, inefficient units.

Types of Pool Cleaners

Our website categorize pool cleaners into three main and comprehensive groupings: Suction-side, Pressure-side and Robotic/Electronic. Cleaning both in-ground and above-ground pools requires the selection of an appropriate pool cleaner which can be a daunting and tedious task.

We suggests a thorough review of all applicable pool cleaning units to ensure a complete and thorough and deep-cleaning of the pool based on the types of automated cleaners.

Based on working mechanisms, pool cleaners are classified as:

Suction-side Pool Cleaners:

Preferred choice for first-time pool owners. Specifically designed to clean bottom on pool attached to an existing vacuum line when existing pool pump is running. Vacuum canister recommended for collection of debris and blockage of pump.

These cleaners use suction to pull all the spoilage and waste inside the pools and its walls. They are attached to the suction line of the pool through which it transfers all the waste collected to the filtration system of the pool. The pool water is drained through skimmers that passes through suction cleaners and is refilled into the pool after clearing the waste particles.

Advantages include:

  • Simple installation and low overall operating cost.
  • Designed for small to mid-sized in-ground or above-ground pools.
  • Most economical initial cost.

Pressure-Side Pool Cleaners:

These cleaners are one step ahead of the suction based and use another pump called booster pump to exert extra pressure on water forcing its debris and waste particles towards a filter bag to collect and throw it all at once. Though it requires an additional pump, overall it requires lesser maintenance and is applicable on medium as well as large sized pools.

Attach to the return side of present pool filtering system and dedicated return line. Extremely helpful in the distribution of clean, filtered water without compromising present filtering system. Mid-range pricing makes pressure-side automated pool cleaners an ideal retrofit.

Advantages include:

  • No clogging of skimmer or filter.
  • Designed for larger in-ground or above ground pool installations.
  •  Enhanced water circulation.
  • Fast, efficient cleaning operation.

Robotic/Electronic Pool Cleaners:

The most favorable and demanded pool cleaners are the robotic ones. They implement both the technologies of suction and pressure but without any requirement of independent pool filtration system or an extra pump. It is an individual system with its own filtration system and pumps and just needs to be plugged into the source of power and left in the pool.

Self-contained, reusable, disposable bag or cartridge for collection of debris. Slight increased overall cost with greater cleaning efficiency potential of pool walls, debris vacuuming and algae removal. Our pool cleaner reviews are very high on these models of pool cleaners.

Advantages include:

  • Less wear on pump and filter due to self-contained, independent filtration, vacuuming system.
  • Increased pool cleaning in less time with greater efficiency.
  • Specialized features, dependent on model selected.
  • Programmable.
  • Remote-control operation.
  • Ideal for larger pools with maximum depth of eight-feet (8′) and overall size of 20′ x 40′.

Our Pool cleaner review Blog suggests careful and due diligence in consideration of all available automated pool cleaning capabilities of associated models before purchasing, to ensure proper cleaning expectations are met on a continual basis.

Consider when Buy an Automatic Pool Cleaner?

Affordability is often a factor in consumer purchases however often leads to less than desired results.

We advocate value, quality and durability over affordability, in an automated pool cleaner with less operating required maintenance and overall improved longevity.

There’re many things to consider when choosing an automatic pool cleaner but hopefully the following points will help you.

We suggest using the following helpful points of consideration when selecting the appropriate automated pool cleaner:

Size and weight

Automatic pool cleaners are available in variable sizes and weights applicable to different sizes of pools. In case of small swimming pools, it would be cumbersome to pick up a bulky and huge size cleaner on a regular basis. If you are purchasing it for your private swimming pool, you got to consider the storage space in the house and an appropriate size of the cleaner.

Clearing Rate

It is defined as the rate at which it clears a particular volume of water. Depending upon your requirement the rate could be higher or lower. In public pools, where cleaning is required every day probably more than once and on a faster pace, a pool cleaner with higher rate of cleaning would be required.

Type of filter

Filters attached to the automatic pool cleaners are either washable or the use and throw ones. As per your frequency of cleaning, amount of debris collected, cost and budget, you can decide what you would prefer.


Pool cleaners should be able to adjust its movement as per the shape of the pool and flow of the water to avoiding getting stuck at the corners.


Bargain priced automated pool cleaners often result in increased expensive repairs. Look for high-quality with proven performance.


Pool cleaners with multiple moving parts require additional maintenance. Look for automated pool cleaners with minimal moving parts without sacrificing overall cleaning potential.


Determine the size, shape and frame of the pool where the unit will be used as well as installation, above or in-ground. We advise that not all automated pool cleaners work appropriately in all pools.


Higher quality units often carry extended warranties of up to five-years (5yrs). All warranties are not equal. Additional higher cost of unit will offset cost in expensive “no-cost” warranty repairs.


We suggest disregarding information received from others who may presently own an automated pool cleaner in consideration. Arrive at formidable decisions based on need, size of pool and in-depth research gathered and scrutinized in great detail.

Increasing property values, a place for family gatherings or a moment of peaceful bliss, swimming pools offer a sense of serenity and total relaxation.

Proper adaptation of the appropriate automated pool cleaning unit ensures many years of continued use in consideration of information provided by our pool cleaner review Website.

Best Pool Cleaners 2016 – Editors’ Choice 

1. BARACUDA G3 W03000


Baracuda G3 is amongst the strong and powerful but quiet automatic pool cleaner operating by implementing suction methodology. It is capable of cleaning all sorts of waste inside the pool water, floor and walls of the pool like, dust particles, pebbles, twigs and leaves etc.

It works at its best optimum efficiency when working with low speed pumps and is able to regulate the water flow due to FlowKeeper Valve to maintain the consistency of its cleaning performance with pumps of different horse powers.

All the parts used in this pool cleaners support its smooth, consistent and continuous operations without any hassle, irrespective of the amount of waste, shapes and sizes of pools etc.


  • Its use of “one – moving – part – technology” simplifies its operations and frees the user from the complicated gears, wheels or flappers.
  • Due to its low maintenance and ability to adjust with different horse power of pumps, it offers a cost effective operation
  • Long life hoses makes cleaning quiet, smooth and scuff free always
  • Cheaper but has strength and power to clear loads of debris


  • It requires frequent maintenance of pumps and the filters.
  • It might not be very effective in cleaning floating waste entities.

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2. Dolphin 99996323 Nautilus

Dolphin 99996323

Dolphin is an automatic robotic pool cleaner that is the most recommended and fastest mode of cleaning swimming pools. This model is particularly ideal for in-ground residential pools, hence can cater to small and medium sized pools with a maximum of 50 feet of length.

It can clean the floor, walls and the coves of the pools instantly without any manual interference and efforts.

Dolphin Nautilus pool cleaners are quite compact and hence very easy to handle and can be carried in and out of the pool. It is inbuilt with washable cartridge filter and swivel cable that avoids the usual tangling of its wire and hence increases its life.


  • It has speedy performance of 3 hours in which it scrubs the surfaces and filters the water to make it free from all the debris.
  • Its size and structure makes it light weight to carry and hence appropriate for frequent usage
  • All the filters and pumps are built inside the device that prevents connection and installations of external pool device
  • Very affordable amongst the robotic pool cleaners


  • It is only applicable to small or medium pools for residential purposes and not for commercial purposes in public places, where pool cleaning is frequent.

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3. Polaris Vac-Sweep 280

Polaris Vac-Sweep 280

Polaris vac works on the pressure methodology where it needs an external pump to put extra pressure on the water directing its debris to the prefixed filter for its easy collection. It is equipped with 31-feet of feed hose and a 1.5 inch pressure cleaner line that can readily be connected to the device. It can be used on all kinds of ground pools.

This particular model comes with two jets that enhance the vacuum power thereby speeding up the cleaning process which is less than 3 hours. The rugged and tough design and structure allows consistent performance on all kinds of surfaces.


  • The refining or filtration process is optimized and efficient as it includes extra pressure and vacuum by the booster pump that forces even huge and heavy debris towards the filter.
  • Enhances the life of the filtration system by directing all the huge debris to its own filter before it can reach the filter of the pump.


  • Requires an additional device i.e. pressure pump other than the external filtration system of the pool
  • Requires manual efforts in connecting the different systems to this pool cleaner device
  • It cleans the water but is not quite efficient in scrubbing.

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4. Aquabot APRVJR Pool Rover

Aquabot APRVJR Rover

Aquabot is a completely automatic robotic pool cleaner offered with floating cable of 40-feet and fine reusable filter bag with built-in 2-micron. It needs to be powered by pump motor of 24-volt and has a 2 hours shut down timer for power saving if not in use. Along with the reduction in chemical and energy cost, it offers assurance in terms of one year warranty too.

It is applicable on all sizes and shapes of pools and also the fastest with cleaning speed of less than an hour and extremely easy operation methodology. This model is also equipped with a power supply transformer for efficient power usage and long life.


  • It is fastest due to its cleaning time of maximum one hour and also due to its adaptability to any shapes of pools that prevents it from getting stuck on any corners.
  • Saves energy and cost due to shut down timer
  • Zero manual focus and efforts required
  • It cleans the huge and fine particles of debris with same consistency


  • The pumps and filters inside the cleaner requires frequent and adequate maintenance, else it can damage the performance level of the device.
  • It is priced higher as compared to suction and pressure pool cleaners.

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5. Hayward 2025ADV

Hayward 2025ADV Pool Vac XL

Hayward 2025ADV is another suction pool cleaner, but with a stark difference of being equipped with exclusive AquaPilot technology, making its process and operations exceedingly smooth, streamlined and focused. This is because it is pre-programmed with a series of movements in left and right directions depending upon every shape of the pool to enable accurate cleaning procedure leaving no marks and traces of debris at any corner of the pool.

If you have an existing filtration system established for your pool, then this is the best available pool cleaner that connects swiftly to your skimmer and suction port to begin the process.


  • Complete coverage of the pool for cleaning due to AquaPilot technology with crystal clear cleaning results.
  • With an established filtration system, there is no other device required for cleaning when you are switching to this particular pool cleaner device.
  • Due to its usage of turbine technology, it operates noise free.
  • No additional expense for booster pumps to increase pressure and vacuum on the debris.


  • The additional technology makes it priced a little higher.
  • Requires maintenance of internal parts of the pool cleaner on a regular basis to avoid device and performance damage

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Cumbersome and traditional time consuming processes of cleaning pools are done away with today’s suction, pressure and robotic pool cleaners offering different class of features suitable for variant purposes.

The highly demanded and best pool cleaners are the automatic pool cleaners as they are fast and do not require human mind and physical efforts to use them.

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