Dolphin Dynamic Pro X2 Pool Cleaner Review – Made for Big Pools

Dolphin Dynamic Pro X2 Pool Cleaner Review

Maintenance of a big Olympic size swimming pool is no laughing matter. It’s very heavy work to maintain fresh and clean water in a pool of that size. For this you need an automatic pool cleaning method and the Dolphin manufacturer brand is a famous name in the market. They have been in possession of automatic pool cleaning technology for the last 24 years. With the latest advancement in technology, Dolphin has made a robotic pool cleaner named the Dynamic Pro X2 pool cleaner.

This specific Dolphin Dynamic Pool Cleaner is a perfect package for your big swimming pool. It’s also a much better option, rather than using different types of up to two to three cleaning and filtering equipment to clean your rather large swimming pool.

The Dolphin Dynamic Pro X2 pool cleaner is a next-generation robotic swimming pool cleaner. It holds state-of-the-art automatic pool cleaning technology within its deceptively small frame. This model Dolphin Dynamic Pool Cleaner has a COP microprocessor with flash technology. It’s an awesome robotic cleaner because of its super-efficient scanning program.

Now that it has a new swivel, twisted cables are no longer a concern. This specific Dolphin Dynamic Pool Cleaner can clean the floor of a semi Olympic size swimming pool in less than 3 hours. This specific Dolphin Dynamic Pool Cleaner is recommended for swimming pools up to 100 feet in length.

It works independently with its filter and pump and its efficient scanning method can make the swimming pool floor seem like newly laid tiles. This robotic automatic cleaner scrubs and vacuums the entire swimming pool floor, walls, and waterline. The Dolphin Dynamic Pro X2 pool cleaner also micro-filters the water as it passes through the machine.

This micro-filtering process acts as another, a separate filter for your swimming pool water. It is a tried and tested piece of machinery suited for the large-sized pool. Because of its advanced electronics technology, it can save you money by saving up to 50% on electricity and 30% on chemical and backwashing costs.

The Dolphin Dynamic Pro X2 pool cleaner has a superb scanning method with auto-monitoring and diagnostic software by which it can clean the swimming pool and filter the water efficiently. This robotic automatic pool cleaner has an automatic suction control function and it automatically increases the suction rate when the filters get dirty.

Even if you have a beach entry type swimming pool this specific Dolphin Dynamic Pool Cleaner can still work efficiently because of its exclusive corner cleaning movement and specially designed air sensor.

The Dolphin Dynamic Pro X2 pool cleaner is best in its class because of it out-thinks, out-cleans and outperforms the competition in its class. Even though it all the latest advances in technology it is still very easy and simple to handle and is quite user-friendly. It will save you money and energy. You can buy this specific Dolphin Dynamic Pool Cleaner online as well.

It is an advanced method of cleaning and filtering your swimming pool water in order to maintain its fresh condition for a competitive price. This specific Dolphin Dynamic Pool Cleaner is definitely the ultimate solution for your large swimming pool maintenance needs.

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